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The T Theory® Foundation is a non-profit organization focusing its energy and financial resources to sponsor philanthropic programs growing educational programs of excellence. T Theory® Foundation has a vision to be able to reach student’s full potential by providing scholarships, internships and afterschool educational programs. The geographical area is centered on students in the Cape Cod and Island areas of Massachusetts. Our objectives as an organization are to reach out to students aspiring to be part of exciting programs offering activity based after school and summer activities. The T Theory® Foundation team is working with local community organizations such as the Nantucket Boys and Girls Club and Maria Mitchell Association to support the growing demand for late day and summer enrichment programs.
The current issues that challenge the Nantucket & Cape Cod communities are lack of interactive programs for both young students as well as life long learners. Our organizational charter will support after school programs as well as discovery camps that commence in the summer season. Studies have indicated that afterschool programs may improve a student to be more attentive to evening homework participation, literacy and strong social skills development (Chung, A., Gannett, E., Kanter La Perla, 2004).
To pay for enrichment programs of education, parents are faced with affordability issues as well as limited space to facilitate varying programs. The T Theory® Foundation will deploy resources to build core competencies for initiating these programs at both the Nantucket and Cape Cod school districts. Our continual search for programs will be offered to a targeted segment of the student population including sixth through twelfth graders. We will also work with various schools to provide adult education programs such as teacher certification programs.
            T Theory® Foundation has a strong competitive advantage as the board of directors are highly networked with critical organizations such as the Nantucket Boys and Girls Club and the Maria Mitchell Association. In July 2013, the first summer internship program granted five students internships in the fields of Physical Science and History. Summer internships at the Maria Mitchell Association are in high demand with a competitive application process. The T Theory® Foundation continue to assist students in many fields. Students work in fields of Aquarium Science, Astronomy and Physical Sciences. Historical Preservation of the museum is also a popular summer internship (Maria Mitchell Association, 2014).We remain a valuable competitor in the summer season of the year as we are also aligned with the Nantucket Boys and Girls club financing students who cannot afford the full day summer camp program.
         In addition to our enrichment programs, the T Theory® Foundation discovered that many of the scholarships currently granted are not specifically geared to advance students in the field of Mathematics. We will present in application format, through the Nantucket Community Foundation, two annual merit scholarships for Mathematics &/ or the Sciences. This opportunity reaches out to students entering either junior or senior year. This program is only for graduates of the Nantucket High School.
The T Theory Foundation, is  working with the first Cape Cod chartered public high school called Sturgis Charter Public School. The Sturgis Charter Public School was founded in 2004, offering a rigorous academic curriculum directing students to study for admission into colleges and universities (Sturgis Charter Public School, 2014).
Advanced study for teachers in the Sturgis Charter Public School must complete training programs to stay in compliance to international certification requirements. At Sturgis Charter Public School, teachers are in need to take an International Baccalaureate (IB) seminar. The T Theory® Foundation proposes that through annual fundraising events and other private endowments, the organization will be assist teachers in funding the workshops required by the state of Massachusetts. 
The T Theory® Foundation is a newly formed organization that will require a period of time to get access to community leaders and organizations. The foundation will utilize local and virtual websites to due to the seasonality of the location; the foundation will have to present a special event in the summer months to target the highest population of residents that would be available to attend our annual fundraiser presentation. Challenges that we will have to address are conflicting dates of events, inclement weather that will reduce the number of donors.
In summary, as the T Theory® Foundation continues to be proactive; more programs will be put into action. A year round program of events will continue to foster many students. The T Theory® Foundation will explore new areas of study determining the feasibility of what is most needed for a particular club or academic setting. The Cape Cod and Island area of New England locations are highly regarded school districts with access to strong donor contributions. However, there is credible competition for accumulating charitable dollars. The T Theory® Foundation is visionary and understands that there is room for organic growth in these communities. This organizational plan provides the transparency to align with community leaders assisting in programs for entry into schools and associations. These mission critical strategies are presented through the T Theory® Foundation blog site http://ttheoryfoundation.org/ and other seasonal special events or programs hosted on Nantucket Island or Cape Cod communities. 
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