Nantucket Red Shutter cottagesThe Cape Cod and islands of Massachusetts are a great place to visit and live. The demographics show a working population of 100,000 residents (Housing and Development, 2014). The industry breakdown consists mainly of tourism and hospitality. In the last several years, many more people have moved to the area to work and raise families. The location is easy to travel to by car, air or sea. The population has seen dramatic growth in both commerce and social services. As a result of this increase in population, a growing demand for jobs in health care, manufacturing and environmental technology have been favorable. The growing number of students is increasing every year. Programs for after school and continuing education are vital to the well being of these thriving communities. Many citizens in neighboring towns are strong supporters of both public and private education. The location is appealing geographically in both natural beauty of its many beaches and wildlife. The area is rich in cultural art with scientific discoveries in both the fields of marine biology and maritime history. Many residents are strong advocates of programs to protect the environmental seashores of the location. We are confident that T Theory® Foundation can make a positive impact fostering programs that benefit citizens and their children. The demographic research continues to favor these programs as presented in this plan.

According to census figures, beginning in 2000, there has been a thirty-five percent increase in growth rate in the population for Barnstable, Dukes and Nantucket counties. The demographic breakdown shows that there are fifty-eight percent between the ages of 18-64, twenty-three percent are 65 years and older and nineteen percent are newborns to 17 years old. (Housing and Development, 2014).

The T Theory® foundation understands that this growth in population is a major part of what our programs will work to achieve as we believe that is there is strength in enrollment numbers. A great opportunity for growth in the areas that support after school programs is forthcoming. The demographics suggest that the pace of student enrollment on the island of Nantucket is going to continue to grow. The Cyrus Pierce middle school is experiencing an increase in students reaching 350 in residence. In addition, the Nantucket Elementary School has 700 students in enrollment suggesting a strong demand for more programs to assist students once they leave the school day offering social and academic enrichment. The school administration is looking to reach out to the state for more money to hire teachers and meet this spacing concern on a structural as well as academic staffing level. This suggests that there is critical need for more money to be raised to work valuable programs. The T Theory® foundation is open to bridge these gaps in programs and opportunities as we will work with community businesses to help raise funds to facilitate and support programs (Pykosz, 2014).

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