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Foundation History

In 2006, the T Theory® Foundation was formed in the philanthropic vision of the late Terry Laundry. Terry embarked on a mission to help students achieve academic excellence through educational grants and scholarships. Terry spent many days living and loving his life long work dedicated to Theoretical Mathematics and Finance. He believed in the great assets of education as his own tuition support began as a young man who was granted scholarships offered in the Nantucket community. As he observed his Father, Howard Laundry, a History Teacher in the Nantucket Middle School, he realized that more needed to be done to help students afford education. Terry believed his body of knowledge has perpetuity.  The Theory Foundation periodicals/ programs empower learners and give back to programs he was passionate about. 

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What we do

We are excited to share with supporters and organizations that join us in assisting students of all ages to grow in academic experiences through summer enrichment programs,  granting scholarships and adult life long learning certifications.